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ZERO1 United States Heavyweight Champion
Mr. Wrestling 3
Mr. Wrestling 3
(Won 11/09/08 vs. King Kaluha)
Won By Won From Location Date
Mr. Wrestling 3 King Kaluha Rochestor, MN 11/09/08
King Kaluha Ricky Landell Limerick, PA
Ricky Landell Sterling James Keenan Limerick, PA 06/01/08
Sterling James Keenan Jake Manning Limerick, PA
Jake Manning Dr. X York, SC 04/10/08
Dr. X Sterling James Keenan Morganville, NJ 03/15/08
Sterling James Keenan Mr. Wrestling 3 Pittsburgh, PA 03/08/08
Mr. Wrestling 3 7 Ricky Landell Valdosta, GA 01/04/08
Ricky Landell 6 Zach Gowen Indianapolis, IN 06/13/07
Christopher Daniels 5 Alex Shelley Tokyo, Japan 11/23/05
Alex Shelley 4 Sonjay Dutt Tokyo, Japan 09/13/05
Spanky 3 Ryoji Sai Hakodate, Japan 03/23/05
Steve Corino Kohei Sato Tokyo, Japan 11/11/04
Kohei Sato The Predator Tokyo, Japan 07/09/04
The Predator 2 Mike Knox Fukuoka, Japan 10/13/03
Naoya Ogawa (Hulk Ogan) The Predator Nagoya, Japan 08/10/03
The Predator Steve Corino Niigata, Japan 07/04/03
Steve Corino 1 Masato Tanaka Tokyo, Japan 01/06/03
  1 Decision match to determine the first champion.  
  2 Decision match. Ogawa had vacated the title the previous month.  
  3 Decision match. Corino vacted to concentrate on AWA Heavyweight title.  
  4 Decision match. Spanky vacated title and returns to the WWE.  
  5 This was a 3-way match also including Sonjay Dutt. Daniels stripped 5/4/2006.  
  6 Decision Match for the title.  
  7Landell stripped of the title when he failed to put up the title against Mr. Wrestling 3. Landell was under orders from the AWA only to defend the AWA version of the US title and not the ZERO1-MAX version. Mr. Wrestling 3 wins title via forfeit.  
  NOTE: This title was originally recognized as the ZERO-ONE United States Heavyweight Title. Then on July 4th, 2004 called the NWA/ZERO-ONE United States Heavyweight title.

Converted to the ZERO-ONE US Openweight title on October 26, 2004 when the company splits with the NWA. Renamed the ZERO1-MAX US Openweight title when the company changed names in 2005.

Title recognized as main title belt by the NWA3K promotion in March 2008. Name reverts back to ZERO1 United States Heavyweight title.
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